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It also has a rather neat twist3 - The Disappearing Spoon: A short, humorous tale which has Holmes keep his techniques sharp while helping another acquaintance of his who is missing a prized, perhaps antique silver spoon Overall, a good series - a definite read for Ashton fans and Sherlockians alike. # new stories from the tome that read just as seamlessly as if they'd come of Sir Arthur's pen.

If you are a Sherlock fan , you are wanting to read these and the others from Mr.

Sir David is a Russian Jew, an expatriate now living in London, and knighted by Queen Victoria.

Yes: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes by applying a Victorian era's Medical Diagnostic techniques to solving crimes, given.

The final story is short and slightly humorous.‘Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Spoon”One of Holmes’ old schoolfellows comes to Holmes with an embarrassing problem.

He has six very old, very fine silver teaspoons that are quite valuable.

This brings Holmes into the eye of a high powered bear of a man who heads the Okhrana efforts in London.

This is the tale hinted at in “The Disappearence of Lady Carfax”, in which Holmes, unable to leave London because “Old Abrahams is in fear of his life,” sends Watson on the Carfax Case.

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